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The Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit in New York focused on the role that vertical and indoor farming can have in building sustainable, profitable and healthy food systems, and new opportunities for investment and collaboration.

Tom Colicchio
Caleb Harper
Liliana Esposito
Tim Heydon
Victor Verlage
Delphine Descamps

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2019 Exhibitors

This was my first time participating at Indoor AgTech and it was a great experience connecting and reconnecting with a diverse group within the space.

SVP, Communications Officer, WENDY’S

The presentations at Indoor AgTech offered fresh perspectives on consumer demands and expectations of indoor agriculture. These perspectives help guide priorities for our research program.

Senior Scientist, R&D, FLUENCE BY OSRAM

Rethink do a great job of bringing the who’s who into the same room and on the panels – which means compelling content for all attendees, but also great networking for industry executives and insiders.


Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit is a great platform to connect with creative minds and inspiring individuals who share similar passion for transforming the world by producing and delivering sustainable food.

Senior Communications Manager, PLENTY

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