About the Summit

Optimizing Productivity, Scale and Sustainability in CEA and Vertical Farming

After two years of successful virtual meetings, Indoor AgTech returns to Brooklyn, New York on June 23-24, gathering the world’s leading growers, retailers, investors, seed companies and technology providers to meet, network and cultivate new commercial partnerships.

As the CEA industry matures, what is needed from a political, financial and technological standpoint for indoor growing to be seen as the most reliable and sustainable way of feeding our cities?

How are well-funded growers applying their investment to scale up their operations? What are the next frontier crops beyond leafy greens? What new technologies are available to optimize growing environments and drive operational efficiencies?

Join us in June where we will be discussing these critical issues with thought-leaders from every part of the value chain. You’ll also experience a plethora of innovation first-hand, from sampling delicious indoor grown produce, to discovering disruptive technologies.

Through pre-arranged 1:1 meetings, networking events, roundtable discussions and those all-important corridor-connections, this is a summit where you can catch up with industry colleagues and forge the partnerships that will shape your business in 2022.

All sessions will be livestreamed, opening up the summit to a bigger global network than ever before. Whether joining us live or online, we hope to see you there!

Who Will You Meet?

660+ senior decision-makers across the indoor agtech industry joined us in June: 

Key Themes

  • Regenerating Cities: Feeding Urban Populations Using Fewer Resources
  • Tackling Labour Shortages: Accelerating the Adoption of Robotics, AI and Automation
  • Reducing Costs & Energy Usage: Identifying More Efficient Systems and Low Energy Inputs
  • Plant Science & Seed Optimization: Developing Consumer-Driven and Healthier Traits
  • Beyond Leafy Greens: Diversifying into New Crops and Exploring Flavour Profiles
  • Finance & Investment: Evaluating and Accessing Different Forms of Capital
  • Scalability & Profitability: Identifying and Overcoming Obstacles to Expansion
  • Communicating with the Consumer: Differentiating and Promoting Indoor-Grown Produce
  • Collaboration & Partnership: Coalition-Building and Standardization as the Industry Matures

Advisory Board

About Rethink Events

Rethink summits are created by experts in the water, waste and agri-food tech industries to address the issues most crucial to investors and developers in these sectors. Through our global network of industry advisors, we produce highly-focused, topical summits which gather all the right people together in one room to share ideas, find solutions and identify new business opportunities.

We are committed to providing the world-leading platforms for knowledge-sharing, debate and networking for business leaders, featuring the leading experts and gamechangers from across the global ecosystem. Our goal is to promote diversity and inclusion, with particular effort to phase out all-male speaker panels to ensure balanced representation and promotion of women in technology and business.

For more information about Rethink, visit www.rethinkevents.com

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