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About the Summit

The Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit is hosted by Rethink Events, the team behind the highly acclaimed international World Agri-Tech Innovation Series and Future Food-Tech summits held every year in London, San Francisco and New York.

Building Sustainable, Profitable and Healthy Food Systems

Indoor AgTech focused on the role that vertical and indoor farming can have in serving local, regional and national food systems, and new opportunities for investment and collaboration.

The Summit shared best practice from around the world and uncovered how advances in AI, automation, lighting, environmental control and plant science are set to transform these systems in the future. It brought together a unique mix of operators, food producers, technology developers, plant scientists, food buyers, retailers, financiers, utility operators and city planners, we explored the innovation, business models and partnerships that are needed to scale this fast-emerging industry.

Indoor AgTech offered new opportunities for networking and partnerships with senior-level innovators and business leaders in the sector. Our events are geared to maximize networking opportunities with breakout networking space, social drinks, 1:1 meeting tool and dedicated meetings room.

2018 Key Summit Themes

• The Role of Indoor & Vertical Farming as Part of the Regional & National Food System

• Matrix of Success: Operations & Systems that are Set to Scale Rapidly

• Opportunities in Global Markets (Middle East, China & Asia)

• Commercial Collaborations & Partnerships for Succeeding in a Crowded Market

• Crops, Robotics & Automation: Engineering Systems for Enhanced Efficiency

• Plant Science: Optimising Traits to Indoor Systems

• Matching Capital & De-Risking Early Stage Investment

• Future Markets: Nutraceuticals & Pharmaceuticals

• Nurturing the Innovation Ecosystem & Entrepreneurial Spirit

• Technology Showcase of Innovative Solutions for the Sector

2018 Advisory Board

About Rethink Events

Rethink summits are created by experts in the water, waste and agri-food tech industries to address the issues most crucial to investors, developers and operators in these sectors. Through our global network of industry advisors, we produce highly-focused, topical summits which gather all the right people together in one room to share ideas, find solutions and identify new business opportunities.

For more information about Rethink, please visit us at www.rethinkevents.com


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